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The progression of any form of hypovitaminosis can lead to dysfunction of a number of organs. Other reasons for the development of hypovitaminosis. Depending on the lack of a particular vitamin, they are distinguished.

Hypovitaminosis A. It is caused by insufficient intake of animal fats, as well as a number of infectious and somatic diseases (pathologies of the intestines, liver, thyroid gland). Hypovitaminosis B1. More common in Asian countries. The most severe form is known as beriberi disease. It develops with prolonged consumption of tretinoin pills, refined foods, as well as with certain diseases (alcoholism, diabetes, chronic enterocolitis). Hypovitaminosis B 2. Its appearance is caused by insufficient content of dairy products and protein in the diet, the intake of quinacrine derivatives, some diseases of the intestines, pancreas and liver.

Hypovitaminosis B 3 (lack of nicotinic acid, or vitamin PP). It is observed in people who mainly eat corn. Other predisposing factors are bowel disease, long-term use of anti-tuberculosis drugs. Hypovitaminosis B 6 . Occurs mainly in patients receiving anti-tuberculosis therapy or suffering from chronic bowel disease. Hypovitaminosis B 9 (lack of folic acid). The reasons for its appearance are alcoholism, systematic long-term heat treatment of food, chronic enterocolitis, intestinal resection, long-term therapy with sulfonamides and (or) antibiotics.

The reason may also be an increase in the need for ascorbic acid (for infectious diseases, stressful situations, overwork, heavy mental or physical labor). Hypovitaminosis D. Usually observed in children living in the northern regions. This is due to buy retin online that the main part of vitamin D does not come from food, but is formed in the body under the influence of solar radiation. Another reason is poor nutrition with insufficient sweat.reduction of phosphorus and calcium salts, animal fats. Hypovitaminosis K. It is caused by diseases of the intestines and the hepatobiliary system, long-term therapy with anticoagulants or antibiotics, and the predominant consumption of low-fat foods.

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Hypovitaminosis B 12 . It develops against the background of tretinoin diseases of the digestive system, resection of the intestine or stomach, helminthic invasions, alcoholism and insufficient content of animal protein in the diet. Hypovitaminosis C. It is observed most often, which is explained, first of all, by the rapid destruction of vitamin C during thermal processing of products or their long-term storage. Each vitamin performs a specific function in the human body, so the lack of one or another vitamin clinically manifests itself in different ways. However, there are a number of symptoms common to buy tretinoin online. In addition, the most common types of hypovitaminosis have a characteristic clinical picture.

Hypovitaminosis K is manifested by a deterioration in blood clotting (hypocoagulation), which leads to spontaneous nosebleeds, bruising on the skin, bleeding gums. In clinical practice, an isolated deficiency of only one vitamin is extremely rare, since insufficient intake of one vitamin always leads to impaired absorption and (or) metabolism of other vitamins. There are a number of signs that make it possible to suspect combined vitamin deficiency.

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The diagnosis is assumed on the basis of the clinical picture and anamnesis data. To confirm the diagnosis, the content of the vitamin of interest in the blood is determined. In order to establish the cause that caused the development of hypovitaminosis, it is carried out.